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Spring Menu

Grilled prawns served with avo salsa and a citrus emulsion. R70
Cured salmon served with a light mustard dressing and crushed red pepper corns R75
Steak tartare served with a broken egg yolk, deep fried capers and grilled baguette R55
Beef Carpaccio served with cranberry compote and parmesan R60
Foie Gras. 10 portions are made daily. (Please note that we change the recipe often) R135
All green salad served with green beans, peas, cucumber, avocado, rocket, micro greens and toasted pine nuts R45
Asparagus and feta salad served with open fire roasted cherry tomatoes and proscuito R65
Grilled chicken livers prepared with a wine reduction and topped with a variety of tomatoes and served with toast R55
New England Clam Chowder served with puff snaps R60
Home made spaghetti served with black truffle shavings, a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and parmesan R85



Gorgonzola, red onion and truffle oil R90
Asparagus, proscuito and fresh mozzarella R100
Aubergine, courgette, tomato and parmesan R65
Mozzarella, tomato and anchovies R65
Spicy sausage or Country Ham, tomato, mozzarella R65
Artichokes, proscuito, olives, mozzarella and basil R100
Margherita R55


Mussels with chive, light rosé cream and chourizo served with hand cut chips and grilled baguette R130
Grilled calamari tubes and heads served with roasted red pepper, tomato salsa and topped with chili, herb dressing. Choose one(1) side dish R95
Prawn Ravioli served with a bisque reduction and dusted with fennel pollen. Our Pasta is hand made daily R95


Chick quarters, warm butternut and red onion floret salad, truffle oil and light yogurt dressing. Please choose one(1) extra side dish R110
Crispy Duck Confit served with a sweet potato mousseline, creamed leeks and onion marmalade. R145


Fillet 300g R125
21 Day Dry Aged Meats
Prime Rib 600g (allow 25min for medium) R125
Rib Eye 300g R120
T-Bone 500g R115
Rump 300g R110
Sirloin 300g R110
All cuts of meat are served with demi glace and roasted marrow bone. Please choose two (2) side dishes.  
Oxtail and tomato ragu served with cinnamon gnocchi, flat leaf parsley and parmesan.
Our Gnocchi is hand made daily

Pork Chop served with celeriac and apple puree, drizzled with a port jus and topped with crackling. Please choose one(1) side dish R90
Oven roasted pork belly served with pea puree and a red wine reduction. Please choose one(1) side dish R95
Herb crusted lamb rack served with confit shallots and olive vinaigrette. Please choose one(1) side dish R140
600g Aniseed lamb shank pie served with one(1) side dish of your choice. (please allow 25 min) R135


Beef burger with camembert and aged cheddar R70
Lamb Burger served with onion marmalade R80
Chicken burger with camembert and cranberry compote R70

Side Dishes

Baked potato served with sour cream R25
Hand cut chips R25
Potato purée R25
Beer battered onion rings R20
Grilled asparagus R30
Gorgonzola broccoli au gratin R35
Mellange of root vegetables R25
Sauteed baby spinach R25
Roasted cinnamon butternut R25
Caramelized beetroot with chives R25
Baked sweet potato R25
Zucchini slivers R25
Caramalised red onion florets R25
Crushed Green beans R25


Sauteed porcini flavored with butter and thyme (great for steaks) R50
Black truffle butter (goes very well with our basting) R25
Black truffle shavings (per one(1) gram) R20
Red pepper corn sauce R20
Gorgonzola sauce R25
Dijon and mushroom sauce R20


Tart tartin served with vanilla ice cream R35
Chocolate Fondant R35
Baked chilled Italian Cheese Cake R45
Cold lemon soufflé R35
Chocolate Terrine served with crème anglaise R35
Creme brulee served with a fresh fruit salsa R45

Lunch Menu


Pastrami and pickles on rye served with chips R60
Boerie roll on baguette with sweet chili and sambles served with chips R65
DIY – Camembert, sun dried tomato, anchovies, basil pesto, capers, avo salsa, grilled chic breast, rosa tomato, cucumber and grilled baguette or toasted rye R80
Prego Roll (served with chips)
Beef Fillet
Chicken fillet
Fillet steak roll filled with avocado salsa and feta cheese served on baguette or rye served with chips R80
Club Sandwich topped with chicken mayo, bacon, cheese and greens on a baguette served with chips R75
Penne peperonata (roasted mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and balsamic reduction R70
Spaghetti ʻn Mussels prepared with wine, fresh herbs and parmesan R80

Bulgarian Menu

Schkembe Chorba R45
Bulgarian mixed grill (pork chop, kufte, kebabche, karnache) R90
Kufte, kebabche, karnache served with chips R55
Shopska salad R50
Meals of the day (Thursday to Sunday) Ask the waitron for the menu


Our Food Recommendation

Alpine 21-day steaks

Our meats have always been the showstopper at our restaurant. We believe that like fine wine, good meat is aged. Why not try our melt-in-your-mouth, 21-day dry aged steaks? All our meats are served with a demi -glace and roasted bone marrow, just as we believe all fine steaks should be.

Our Wine Recommendation

Alpine Restaurant Wines

Brunello Tenuta Nuova began as both a passionate and scientific project for a wine which only Casanova di Neri can offer. Coming from south of the quaint village of Montalcino, it acquires subtle “Mediterranean” scents and great finesse. Aged well, It matures in small oak barrels for 30 months and in the bottle for 18 months to bring you its special flavour.